Welcome to the World of Taste

At Kitchen Treasures, we don’t believe in half-measures. Our mission is 100% quality, purity and authenticity. From our ten thousand acres of farms to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility; from our meticulous manufacturing process to our global standard quality control, we ensure that you get what you pay for: pure, wholesome, high-quality ingredients.

Kitchen Treasures was born from the house of Synthite – the world’s largest producer of value-added spices, with a history of over four decades in the production of spices, flavours, spice oleoresins, and pure and blended seasonings. Our goal is to produce high-quality ingredients that taste like they were prepared in your mom’s kitchen. Our products include premium masalas, spices, pastes and pickles.

Farm Tech

Synthite's Farm Tech division guarantees traceability of raw material. Synthite's unparalleled raw material sourcing ability is due to its highly organised farmer networks across the country and high level of control at the source. Its farmers are trained to grow and produce raw materials as per international norms. It focuses on meeting the world's requirement for hygienic and consistent quality of spice ingredients. Synthite adopts Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to ensure safety of human health and environment.

Farm Tech – Bayer pesticide control initiative: The concept of 'Integrated Pest Management' (IPM) is promoted to avoid the indiscriminate use of pesticides besides improving quality of the produce. Use of certain chemical pesticides has been completely banned in export-oriented chilli cultivation.