Dulce de Leche with Vanilla

Dulce de leche is a confection prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk to create a substance that derives a different taste, changing flavour and colour. This Spanish name, literally translated, means ‘candy made of milk’. It is the magic ingredient in many recipes in Argentina – chocotorta (a cake made of layered chocolate biscuits and dulce de leche), alfajores (biscuit sandwiches of dulce de leche), ice cream, crepes, cakes, and muffins.

How is dulce de leche different from caramel?
Caramel is melted sugar (caramelized) which turns shades of brown. You can then add milk for a creme caramel. Dulce de Leche has, as its base, heated sweetened milk. Cooked down, it tastes just like or nearly like caramel with milk added.


Milk, Sugars, Edible Vegetable Oil, Natural extracts of vanilla beans (0.6%), Sea Salt

NUTRITIONAL INFO (Typical Value* Per 100g)

  • Energy387.2 Kcal
  • Protein8.2 gm
  • Total Carbohydrates67.9 gm
  • Added Sugars43.9 gm
  • Fat9.2 gm
  • Saturated Fat4.7 gm
  • Trans Fat0.2 gm