Demerara Sugar infused with Real Sri Lankan Cinnamon

Cinnamon, also known as ‘the fragrant spice plant’, is a perfect blend of sweet and bold flavours. At SPRIG, we have decided to take this magic ingredient one step further, by introducing an ingenious product – Demerara Sugar infused with Real Sri Lankan Cinnamon. We ensure that its freshness, flavour and aroma remain intact in our unique bale jars. Our flavour infusions are done in small batches, so we can create the perfect blend of aroma, to give it an unmatched taste.


Demerara Sugar (93%), Sri Lankan Cinnamon (7%)

NUTRITIONAL INFO (Typical Value* Per 100g)

  • Energy396.20 kcal
  • Protein0.30 gm
  • Carbohydrate98.60 gm
  • Fat0.10 gm
  • Sugars93.20 gm