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Intergrow Perks

Great Team

Great teams create quality products. When you become a part of the Intergrow team, you’ll learn to go beyond your job description and become a part of something bigger.

From the House of Synthite

This tag means a alot. This transilates the heritage of being one of the worlds largest value added food company, one of the largest processor of food ingredients and specialising in more that 8 industrial sectors and 40 application areas.

As the Name Denote

Intergrow derives from Integrity in growth. We belive and adopt the policy of responsible socially commited growth model. Intergrity is the more important word any food manufacturer and it that we drive upon.


With our food, we ensure that best of ingredients reaches all our consumers. It is part of our DNA. The same this same passion that is passed on to all our divisions- we take care of our employees with utmost responsibility and happiness

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